Cairo and Alexandria

February 8th, 2022

In the fall and winter of 2021 we were truly successful in navigating clear of the cliffs of pandemics. At Velenje Festival we gave the first concert since the outbreak of the pandemics, a very emotinal experience. Our début in St. Pölten Festival Hall took place just before lockdown. From the following general interruption of concert life in Austria we could flee in December and give concerts in Egypt. In this way we became acquainted with the visionary ecologico-social Sekem Initiative and in the Jesuit Cultural Center of Alexandria were seated on the same chairs as Prince Charles and Camilla e week earlier. Because of a sand-storm we unfortunately could not perform in front of Cairo Opera House, as had been planned. Because of the great demand we presented our programme instead twice in a row at an alternative place, namely the Austrian Cultural Forum of Cairo. Our sincere gratitude is due to the organizers and to the enthusiastic and hospitable audiences in Egypt.

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